Generic drugs.

Drugs certainly fall into the category of the most popular part goods bought by population from low-income to wealthy people and billionaires. Therefore, the presence of generics in pharmaceutical points is very important. To create a new drug requires considerable money and a lot of time (10-15 years). In addition to developing the basic formula of the active substance is necessary to think about the technology of its production, to determine whether the drug is effective, to study the side effects of its conduct his tests, to undertake the necessary promotional company. About the validity of a patent lasts for 25 years, and for the remaining duration of the patent (which, as noted above 10-15 years), a developer and producer must compensate for all the expenses, as well as time to earn something on your patent, ie, to obtain justifying the cost profits. That is why the price of patented drugs is very high, but the quality is guaranteed. The most important – generic is much cheaper, and there are objective reasons for this.

Generic drug manufacturers do not need to spend money on the development of new technologies of production and do not have to invest heavily in advertising and promotion of the brand – the words that differ by a few letters from the already well-known names, perceived as the original and all the usual brands. Of course, while generics are much cheaper than proprietary funds already, and therefore differ from pharmacies is significantly faster.

You can see that generic – it’s not a fake, and 100% analog, legality and quality. Generic manufacturers only need to register their brand legally, that there were no specific allegations of violations of the laws of copyright, for he, as mentioned above, changing one or more letters in the title of the goods, and the appearance of the package may almost exactly repeating the original.

At the moment, there are generic for almost all drugs. Even there are cases where one drug has a combination of two or three, or even more, substitute. At the same time each has its advantages over the original drug. Now there are several categories of products for which is strictly prohibited in the generic substitution – a drug for patients with AIDS, here also include patients diagnosed with hepatitis and other equally serious diseases such as cancer. Cheaper labor specialists who are struggling to overcome these quite serious illnesses, may have a negative impact on their motivation, which can not be allowed, since these works are quite serious achievement in the world of pharmacology. In addition, any, even minor changes in the composition of the drug can be very negative impact on the current state of the host of his patients.

Often, manufacturers of original drugs painfully react to the appearance in the sale of generics. Often, in order to obtain additional income-party manufacturers slightly change the name of the brand and the technology of production (for example, the color of the tablet), which does not reduce the quality of the drug, and therefore, causes great damage to the reputation of the company. Very often there is a situation that when new drugs of this group, who are deprived of side effects, and are often more effective, but because of the affordable price too sick use generics. In this case, the copy must be distinguished from counterfeiting and illegal generics. Copies – a medication that played non-compliance with the rights of patent protection. In simple terms, it is pirated, which is in line with computer programs or Chinese with the inscription Adidas sneakers. And fake – when the main active substance varies less active but cheap, or just neutral, for example, chalk, soda and other similar excipients.

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